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AI Golden Cockroach Film Festival

The Golden Cockroach Film Festival is a unique cinematic celebration that draws inspiration from the remarkable resilience and adaptability of the cockroach. This festival focuses on showcasing short videos that exemplify the qualities of the cockroach: thriving through their sheer number and resilience, living in the wild around us, and embodying a spirit of independence and spontaneity.

Key Concepts:

Resilience and Adaptation:

The core theme of the festival revolves around the idea of resilience. The selection criteria for videos prioritize content that embraces the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, just like a cockroach survives through adversity.

The festival celebrates content that may not necessarily have high production values but is creatively innovative and resourceful, reflecting the survival instincts of the cockroach.

Independence and Spontaneity:

The festival encourages video works that are independent in spirit, placing a greater emphasis on creativity and authenticity than on commercial or official media.

Filmmakers are encouraged to embrace spontaneity in their works, mirroring the cockroach's ability to navigate its environment on the fly.


·       The festival will showcase short videos of 1-3 minutes in length.

·       There will be four different categories of film each represented by a different type of roach. Crawling Cockroach is for narrative videos. Flying cockroach is for experimental videos. AI Cockroach is for videos produced by AI, Standing Cockroach is for vertical format videos.

·       Golden Cockroach will prioritize original artistic creation and is not intended as a showcase for all types of short video such as douyin commercial sellers, KTV singers, stunts etc. 

·       We do not yet know what the full range of videos people with submit via an open call will be. It will be a surprise for us as much as for the audience.

festival venue


Qingyun Academy Art Gallery

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 10pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 10pm
​Sunday: 10am - 10pm



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